Consulting Services

ISO/IEC 20000
ISO/IEC 20000 is the first true international standard for IT Service Management.  Incorporated with the process approach defined in the ITIL®, ISO20000 describes the best practices for service management on the effective delivery of services to fulfill the business and customer requirements.

Professional Design Services
Every IT service needs a good platform to support.  Our professional design lays down a secure and reliable foundation for the client to build the platform.  We offer a wide range of professional design services from a simple kiosk to a A+ grade data center; and from the very low-end fundamental architecture to the very high-end policy, procedures all the way up to ITSM.
Courses and workshops
Quintica as the accredited training organization for all ITIL Training courses is represented by ITSM CONSULTANCY in Hong Kong.

Planning and Assessment 
Services and assessments are designed to streamline the IT operation and infrastructure and to promote operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Professional Design Services
Courses and Workshops
Planning & Assessment
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