Planning & Assessment

Effective planning and assessment require in-depth understanding of the organization in terms of system, workflow, policy, product, financial information.....people or even culture. To a large extent, the consultant has to work on-site, meeting with the managerial staff in order to provide effective and efficient consultation services.  We offer consultations on the following areas:

1.           IT Strategy
tactical plan and budgeting, technology review, platform selection, vendor selection, manpower allocation
2.         Capacity Planning
network infrastructure, server processing power, storage, manpower
3.         Disaster Recovery
scope of disaster & recovery, disaster & recovery procedure (DRP) and DRP drill
4.         Assessment
security assessment, performance assessment, leakage assessment
5.          IT Policies and Procedures 
data loss prevention policy, document management procedure
6.         Project and Portfolio Management  
metrics setup, resources planning, project schedule monitoring

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Planning & Assessment
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