Sneezing Robot

Our "Sneezing Robot 噴廁達人is an intelligent robot for toilet sanitization, working 24/7 to automate fast and efficient sanitization, and is an essential system for public areas like shopping malls or hotels, or to protect residents in elderly homes, where toilets are frequently used.

As an entirely unmanned system, it efficiently and quickly sanitizes the toilet immediately after use.  It detects when a user leaves the toilet and begins the sanitization process, saving both the labour and time to manually clean the bathroom.

The intelligence of Sneezing Robot ensures that the toilets are sanitized at exactly the right time, with precise duration, spray volume, and rest period. All these pre-programmed sequences are quickly executed and the toilet will be fully sanitized before re-opening the toilet for the next use.

Similarly, toilet users should also be safe-guarded. Our Sneezing Robot will lock the door during the entire sanitization process, only re-opening for the next user once it is 100% safe. Moreover, it has a contingency mechanism to stop the sanitization process in case of an emergency.

As our Sneezing Robot uses ultra-violet (UV) light rays and powerful sanitizing sprays, it further calls for such sanitization processes to be performed by our Sneezing Robot rather than human hands.


Overuse of chemical sprays are not only useless, but wasteful. In an ad-hoc manner, our Sneezing Robot remains standby 24/7 and will only be triggered after someone has used the toilet when it might be contaminated, thus saving both labour and electricity costs.

Click here for demonstration video.

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Sneezing Robot
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